NOTE for 09/08/2018 Raid Day (Moltres): Reighard Memorial Fountain and Bowman Field have EX passes distributed, and so will not have any raids at those locations for the Moltres event. Please skip those locations.

Historically on Raid days, Submarine Memorial has had event raids that have extended past the deadline by as much as 30mins.

Suggestions for Raid Day:

1.)    Form a group of 7-10. Many Raid Day Bosses can be taken down with a strong team of 3 people, but do increase efficiency, group sizes of 7-10 people are recommended. Try to avoid filling up lobbies (20 people) as often it pushes any stragglers out of the raid and they miss out unnecessarily.

2.)    Show up early. Raids start at 2:00pm promptly. Don’t hold up your group. Waiting for you will cost many others valuable opportunities.

3.)    Utilize private groups. There is a button below the one to enter a raid. It reads ‘PRIVATE GROUP’. To start a new group, hit PRIVATE GROUP, then CREATE GROUP. It will show you a 3 pokemon code, share that code with your group.

4.)    Communicate verbally first, and if necessary, by text. Getting out of your car and speaking to someone reduces the timing and attention issues that can confusion when trying to message through social media. If your group decides it is necessary to use an online chat, create your own FB messenger group, or your own discord group. Trying to coordinate a handful of people in a public chat will be messy.

5.)    Understand that you will miss raids. Technology is not infallible, and people will drop out of raids. Be courteous, understand that by restarting a raid you may be costing the whole group a chance at another raid later. Sometimes it’s better to just let the group do it, and catch up on the next one.

6.)    If you come into the route late, or leave and come back, don’t try to meet the group at their current raid, meet them at the raid they are heading to next. This is an action packed day, and by waiting for you to arrive, you are costing many people valuable opportunities. Get ahead of the group and wait for them instead.

7.)    Have your team set up ahead of time and save it. For suggestions on team building, talk to your admins.

8.)    Catch on the way to the next gym. You do not have to be near a gym to catch that raid boss after. You can travel as far away as you like, so long as you don’t leave the encounter. Of course drivers are the exception to this rule, please catch your pokemon before driving.

9.)    Revive/heal on the way to the next gym, or in the gym lobby. If you have your team saved, it should be quick and easy to revive/heal your team on the way or in the gym. Drivers revive in the gym lobby, not while driving.

10.) Use lucky eggs / starpieces after entering the lobby. Don’t risk not getting into a raid because you are searching through your inventory.