Pride March in DC, Update

Update on bus going to Equality march on washington, D.C. Sunday June 11: Today, i had to cancel the big bus, and tried to get a 19 passenger van which i could easily fill, and they were both booked. So I had to recontract for a 31 passenger bus, because i am not disappointing myself or the people who signed up originally and paid me so fast. SO, as of this afternoon, i had 15 available seats at least. All of a sudden, a facebook post i did took off and i am now down to 11 seats, and several other inquiries. SO, if anybody from spectrum still wants to go, I will be at the meeting, Wednesday, May 10, at 4:30, and you will need to pay me the $45.00 at that time. My new deadline for the bus is next Monday, and the bus is definitely going, so... - Submitted by Dan